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Mandingalbay Authentic Indigenous Tours (MAIT) is 100% owned and operated by Mandingalbay Yidinji Aboriginal Corporation (MYAC) and its agent company Djunbunji Ltd.


The Mandingalbay Yidinji People (MY People) are the direct descendants of the Aboriginal people who have owned, occupied, cared for, and sustainably used our traditional lands located east of Cairns for thousands of years.


MY Country includes a wide diversity of habitats covering 10,000ha and 40 kms of coastline, lying between sections of two World Heritage listed areas, the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

The great diversity of environments in relatively small areas, including rainforest, open woodland, estuarine mangroves, wetlands, marine, reef, and island has sustained The MY People’s laws (lores) and customs for generations.

In these environments we developed a wide range of technologies from local material – for hunting, conflict, making substantial shelters, baskets, fish traps and tools.


Traditional land practices such as fire management, hunting, gathering, and harvesting of materials for shelter, tools, ceremony, or art are essential for the maintenance of our culture. These practises in addition to the richness and diversity of resources associated with MY land and sea country, has maintained a strong traditional economy for MY People for over 60,000 years.

When many of the MY People were moved to a mission known as ‘Yarrabah’ early in the 20th century we continued to visit, camp, hunt and gather on our Country. We continued to care for the Country and its sacred places, and we maintained our cultural knowledge, identity, and practices.


Although our culture and way of life has changed over the last 100 years, our identity as Mandingalbay Yidinji People remains strong and our inherited cultural rights and responsibilities to Country have not diminished. We remain obligated to our responsibilities to manage our lands and are restoring and protecting the environment and Mandingalbay Yidinji cultural values to educate our people and the wider community on the socio-economic importance of managing our land for now and the future.


We take pride in our land and have a deep connection to country and for this reason sharing our pristine natural environment, culture, knowledge, and practices with like-minded people from near and far is important to us. We welcome guests to join ancient hands on our Country.

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