Mandingalbay Yidinji Eco Cultural Tourism Infrastructure Project – MYECTIP

REF: EOI 12/2018


The Mandingalbay Yidinji Eco Cultural Infrastructure Tourism Project (MYECTIP) is located on rural, undeveloped and environmentally significant land less than 1.5 kilometres east of Trinity Inlet – East Trinity Reserve. The development area sits on the predominantly flat plain, which extends between the tidal mangrove zone alongside the Inlet to Pine Creek /Yarrabah Road.

The aim is to ensure that the project is a showcase of indigenous history, environment and cultural values that will attract national and international markets. The MYECTIP will be the indigenous tourism MECA facility on the doorstep of Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage Area, and will offer a cultural enlightening interactive indigenous experience that will enrich visitor’s itinerary when visiting Far North Queensland and is situated only 15 minutes from the Cairns International and Domestic Airport and adjacent to the Cruise Liner Terminal and Global Tourism Hub.

The proponent of the MYECTIP, the Mandingalbay Yidinji Aboriginal Corporation MYAC, Registered Native Title Body Corporate RNTBC has secured a Development Approval DA for the entire project including a landing structure at Hills Creek, East Trinity. The landing structure nominally consists of a floating pontoon and fixed platform, supported by stairs or similar access features.

The structure will be located in Hills Creek, East Trinity, Queensland adjacent to the existing East Trinity Bund, formally described as Lot 158 on NR5877. The lease land is approximately 50 metres wide and 1.1 km long, orientated in a generally north-south direction and is parallel with the Trinity Inlet (located to the west).

The structure will be used to ferry passengers to and from the Cairns Marlin Marina, as part of the operations of the MYECTIP. As the mouth of Hills Creek is tidally constrained, the frequency of vessel movements to and from the jetty will be determined by tides and the boat purchased for the project. No bed-levelling or dredging within Hills Creek is proposed based on current operational requirements.

The proposed landing in Hills Creek is required to support the ferrying of visitors to and from the Cairns Marlin Marina. Ferrying people to the site from the marina is preferred as it is significantly quicker than access by road via Pine Creek Yarrabah Road (5-10 minutes by vessel vs. ~1 hours by road).

Location map: primary access route to and from facility site

The landing will be utilised for mooring, launching, storage and retrieval of vessels and the primary location for passengers to embark and disembark the transporting vessel. Ferrying people from the Cairns Marlin Marina to the landing will be the primary method of transport to the site. A preferred design for the passenger vessel has been developed.

Preferred Vessel Design 1:1

This has the following key specifications:

– Front-loading barge
– Fully-loaded draft of 0.45 m with motors trimmed
– Seating capacity of 42-50 with additional space for 1-2 wheelchairs

A vessel with similar configuration but small size and seating capacity

Source: Yagurli Tours Burketown Qld

It is expected vessels will operate on a set timetable, on hourly rotations, dropping visitors off and return to the marina rather than staying at the jetty.

Based on a review of tidal data for Hills Creek, there will be up to 82 days a year where the vessel will not be able to pass the mouth of Hills Creek. However, around half of these days occur outside of operational hours and the mean wait time is around 1.5 hours. Thus, for a few dozen days a year the vessel passage will requiring timing based on tidal heights, and will operate unconstrained for the remainder. This is considered acceptable and, based on current conditions of the Hills Creek bar, no bed-levelling or dredging would be required to support use of the facility.

Not to scale – example only

Expression of Interest Requirements

  1. Provide detailed quotation to fabricate and survey a 12m Barge to carry 42-50 passengers with front and/or side loading barge door as per preferred boat plan description, see diagram 1:1 and outlined in the description below in Table 1.
  2. Detailed outline and timeframe for construction and completion of vessel in survey.

Table 1: Vessel Requirements

Description Quantity Unit Price Amount
12 m Hull only Barge as per the plan given in D Class Survey to carry 42 passengers with Safety gear. 1
Drinks Fridge, Coffee Machine, all electrics, toilet, water pumps, fans and lighting needed for vessel. All clears for sides. 1
Twin 100 hp Yamaha 4 stroke Outboards. 2
Roadworthy Aluminium Boat Trailer to suit. 1
Plans and specifications. 1
Sub Total AUD (excluding GST)
Total AUD (including GST)

Please submit your EOI electronically to by the COB 21st December 2018.

If you have any enquires regarding this EOI, please contact Mr Dale Mundraby on 0477 002 554.

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